Student Affairs

Student Services

The services provided through the departments in Student Affairs are designed to promote the growth and development of the whole student – intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, financially, environmentally, occupationally and spiritually – to allow the student to develop behaviors that can lead to healthier functioning both during school and throughout his/her life. An integrated, holistic wellness program that links student curricular and co-curricular activities enriches the student experience on campus and better prepares the student to be an active citizen in our global community.

Office of Civic & Social Responsibility (CSR)

The UNO Office of Civic & Social Responsibility (CSR) is dedicated to developing engaged, civic-minded citizens and leaders of our communities. UNO believes service and engagement are vital components for the educational development of all students and for a sustainable, healthy community. CSR is locally and nationally recognized for the service impact of our volunteers. As the campus service resource to the university and community, CSR provides ongoing information for the university community to learn how they can serve in specific areas of interest. The student-centered programs provided through CSR include:

The Collaborative

The Collaborative aims to create programs that empower students to affect positive change within the community. The Collaborative is a program that connects UNO students with nonprofit organizations for an all-encompassing professional experience during the academic year. The Collaborative has several student worker positions available, and they receive on-going education about the nonprofit sector.

Maverick Food Pantry

UNO’s Maverick Food Pantry contributes to UNO’s culture of caring by providing food to those in immediate need and connecting them with resources in the greater Omaha area for long-term support. UNO students, faculty, and staff can anonymously request a food package on MavSYNC and pick up the package in CEC 130. Maverick Food Pantry volunteers sort donations, assemble food packages, and assist those picking up packages.

Signature Service Days

Each academic year, UNO sponsors multiple days of service in which volunteers engage in service projects around the community for a day. Signature Service Days have expanded to over sixteen days dedicated to service throughout the academic year. On a Signature Service Day, UNO students, faculty, and staff, along with our K-12 partners, Metro Community College, and community volunteers, come to the CEC and are transported into the community to complete service projects.

Social Entrepreneurship

Students who wish to initiate their own service project receive support from CSR’s Seed Projects, which provide a stipend and guidance on how to make your project come to life. CSR also provides support to Clinton Global Initiative University (CGI U) applicants. CGI U connects students from all over the world and helps them become better social innovators and leaders.

Volunteer Connections Center

The Volunteer Connections Center (VCC) helps UNO students find their passion and purpose by finding their “choice” service opportunity or organization. VCC coordinates Volunteer Fairs to show students how nonprofit organizations address community needs, and how volunteers can explore opportunities to make a positive impact. Additionally, the VCC sends out weekly UNOServe emails that list service opportunities within the community. These service opportunities are also listed on MavSYNC.

Academic & Career Development Center (ACDC)

The mission of the Academic & Career Development Center is to facilitate academic success and career development through:

  • Academic advising for undeclared students who have completed less than 36 credit hours
  • Career advising and coaching for all UNO students and alumni
  • Job and internship exploration and preparation
  • Academic and career events, workshops, class presentations, and community/employer outreach
  • College & Career Success curriculum and programs

We serve as a resource for students, alumni, faculty, staff, and employers. We empower students and alumni to make decisions regarding potential majors, internships, jobs, and graduate programs.  Through collaboration with faculty, staff and employers, we help students and alumni explore possibilities, find their passions and realize their career potential.

Academic Advising for Undecided Majors

Academic Advising in ACDC provides a setting in which students who are in the process of deciding on an academic major or college have the opportunity to enroll in an exploratory program of studies.  Academic and Career Advisors work with students to explore courses and activities based on General Education curriculum, exploratory courses, career development and first year experience programming.


1.  ACDC students are required to meet with an Academic and Career Advisor in ACDC at least once each semester in order to enroll in classes for the upcoming semester.

2.  All ACDC students follow the University General Education curriculum.

3.  All students entering ACDC for the first time are strongly encouraged to enroll in and successfully complete the US 1010: College & Career Success (CCS) course. 

4. ACDC students are required to have a plan in place for completing UNO English & Math fundamental academic skill requirements before the end of their first semester of enrollment. 

5.  ACDC students are required to transfer to the degree-granting college of their choice by no later than the end of the semester in which 36 credit hours are earned.  Exceptions to this must be approved in writing by the Director of the Academic & Career Development Center (ACDC).

Procedures for Transitioning from ACDC:

a.  ACDC students who have made a decision concerning an academic major or college should transition to that college as soon as possible.

b.  To switch majors, students must complete the following:

  • Set up a meeting with an advisor in the new college/department.
  • Complete the Change of Program form with the new college/department advisor.
  • Turn in the Change of Program form at the Registrar’s Office (Eppley Building, 105)
  • NOTE:  Students do not need to meet with their ACDC advisor to switch majors, only their new college/department advisor

c.  A student may not be admitted to, readmitted to or enrolled as a student in ACDC after he/she has earned a total of 36 credit hours of college coursework.  Exceptions to this must be approved in writing by the Director of the Academic & Career Development Center (ACDC).

d.  Procedures for Transitioning to University Division:

Students from UNO colleges desiring to transition into ACDC must meet the following criteria:

  • Have a cumulative grade point average of no less than 1.75.
  • Have earned fewer than 36 credit hours.
  • Obtain the approval of an Academic and Career Advisor in ACDC and complete the Change of program form.

Career Services

 ACDC guides all UNO students in making career plans, obtaining career-related experience, and in navigating next steps upon graduation. This guidance is provided through individual advising, presentations, and special events that bring employers and students together.

ACDC Academic & Career Advisors facilitate career development through one-on-one interaction, offering a variety of services to UNO students, faculty, staff, and alumni including:

  • Career/major exploration
  • Resume and cover letter reviews
  • Mock interviews
  • Job and internship search strategies
  • Career assessments

Employer Relations

ACDC facilitates relationships with employers, providing them opportunities to:

  • Hire talented students
  • Post jobs and internships on UNO Career Connect
  • Conduct on-campus interviews
  • Participate in UNO Career Fairs
  • Offer networking opportunities

Employment Opportunities

Students can access part-time, full-time and internship opportunity listings through the online job board, UNO Career Connect:

All University Career & Internship Fairs

ACDC hosts All-University Career and Internship Fairs during the fall and spring semesters each academic year.  These events allow UNO students and alumni of all majors to connect with career, internship and graduate school opportunities from various fields.

 On-Campus Interviews

As a service to employers and students, ACDC hosts on-campus interviews. Interviews take place regularly during the fall and spring semesters for a variety of full-time, part-time and internship positions. To apply for on-campus interviews students must register on UNO Career Connect

 Informational Tables

Employers regularly set up informational tables on campus, allowing students to gather information and network with recruiters. Employer information tables typically take place during the fall and spring semesters.  A calendar of information tables can be found on UNO Career Connect.

Academic & Career Development Center Contact Information:

Location:  Eppley 115
Phone:  (402) 554-3672

Student Employment Programs

Students seeking career-related work experience during school can gain assistance through Student Employment Services (SES), located within the Human Resources office. On-campus student worker jobs and all federal work-study positions are posted online at

Counseling and Psychological Services

The UNO Counseling and Psychological Services provides short-term, confidential counseling, outreach, and prevention services to assist students in their educational, emotional, personal and social development. The goal of the Counseling and Psychological Services is to help students use all available resources to achieve their academic and personal goals.

Counseling and Psychological Services provides a qualified staff of licensed mental health professionals and alcohol and drug counselors who assist students in making positive adjustments in their lives while incorporating all dimensions of wellness. 

Counseling services are provided at no charge for UNO students, faculty, and staff. Counseling and Psychological Services can also provide referrals, making available a large number of professional resources at UNO and in the community. Appointments may be made by stopping by the office at the Wellness Center, HPER 102, or by calling 402-554-2409. 

Accessibility Services Center

The Accessibility Services Center (ASC) is committed to providing an equal educational opportunity for enrolled or admitted students who have documented disabilities under Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973 and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) of 1990. The ASC staff serves as the primary contact for students wishing to discuss eligibility, policies and procedures, services offered, and/or personal concerns. The ASC is also available to help arrange services for qualified students with disabilities; i.e., reasonable academic adjustments, sign language interpreters, alternative print format, note takers, use of the testing center, assistive technology. Students must provide appropriate documentation regarding physical, psychological, learning, or other type of disability for consideration of services. Consultations with ASC staff may be scheduled at any time. For information, call 402-554-2872 or stop by the ASC in the Milo Bail Student Center, Room 126.

Requests for Reasonable Accommodation in Field Placements

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) supports students with disabilities and encourages their full participation in all academic programs, including field placements of all kinds. "Field placements" for the purpose of this document include any practicum, field experience, clinical practice, internship, training, clinic, or work experiences (or similar) conducted for academic credit. In accordance with Section II of the Americans Disabilities Act and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, UNO's Accessibility Services Center is the designated office to work with students with disabilities to provide reasonable accommodation so they may enjoy the same benefits, experiences, and opportunities as persons without disabilities. For more information please visit

Student Conduct and Community Standards

With a focus on student success, the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards provides leadership to the conduct process and promotes UNO’s shared commitment to community standards. As members of the academic community, students have rights and responsibilities which accrue to them. Student Conduct and Community Standards provides for the adjudication of any alleged violation of these responsibilities detailed in the UNO Student Code of Conduct. For more information, contact the Office of Student Conduct and Community Standards at or call 402-554-3537.

Health Services

Health Services, your on-campus health care provider, offers medical services from the disciplines of family medicine, psychiatry, and gynecology. Additionally, inter-office referrals to CAP's are available. Services can be paid for by your personal health insurance, or a reasonably priced fee-for service system is available. Utilization of Health Services is offered to all students who pay related UPF fees.

Routine preventive health services include vaccinations, examinations for wellness, well-woman, men's health, and sexually transmitted disease & HIV testing. Treatment for illness and injuries including x-ray is available on-site. Emergencies are treated on a walk-in basis with referral to community partners when necessary. In addition, Health Services coordinates campus health-related programs including alcohol and drug prevention and the Recovery Community.

Health and wellness education is offered - questions about your health are welcome.

Health Services is located in the Wellness Center HPER 102. Hours on Monday and Friday are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday hours are from 8a.m. to 7 p.m. To schedule an appointment, please call (402) 554-2374.

A reasonably priced major medical health and dental insurance plan is available for students enrolled in on-campus classes.  Please refer to Health Services web site for coverage details and pricing by the semester

Student Health Insurance

UNO offers a reasonably priced insurance plan designed to provide benefits for medical, dental and prescription expenses. This insurance is available for purchase by the semester for degree seeking students attending on-campus classes. Please check the Health Services web site to view the enrollment qualifications.

Office of Military and Veteran Services (OMVS)

The Office of Military and Veteran Services (OMVS) is a one-stop office for military, veteran, and dependent students at UNO. OMVS is responsible for providing support services and student programming that ensures the successful transition, academic progress, and graduation of students who are military-affiliated. Our office is located on the UNO Dodge St campus in the Milo Bail Student Center, Room 117.

Some key services of The Office of Military and Veteran Services include assisting students with applying for and using their VA education benefits, as well as answering any questions about transferability of benefits to dependents, the Yellow Ribbon Program, and using state and federal military tuition assistance. Military, veteran, and dependent students will also work with the OMVS staff for assistance in the admissions process, enrollment, academic program selection, transfer credit, career guidance, and academic support.

The Office of Military and Veteran Services will also connect students with other departments on campus for student services, counseling, or academic advising, as needed.

Additional services provided by the Office of Military and Veteran Services:

  • Deployment Assistance
  • Scholarships
  • Student Lounge & Study Space
  • Workshops for Students, Faculty, & Staff
    • Military and Veteran Student Academic and Career Success Course
    • Military and Veteran Student Orientation
    • Vet Success on Campus & Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor in Office
    • Military and Veteran Student Tutoring Sessions
    • Veteran Student Organization Meetings

For more information, contact the Office of Military and Veteran Services at:

E-mail -
Phone - 402.554.2349 or DSN 271.0449
Visit the web page -

Multicultural Affairs

The Office of Multicultural Affairs (MCA) is responsible for developing and maintaining programs and services to ensure the successful recruitment, retention, and graduation of underrepresented students on UNO’s campus. Through scholarship aid, academic services, and personal support, students are empowered to attain their educational and professional goals. MCA is inclusive of all UNO students.

Master Success

A skills-based program designed to assist scholarship recipients in achieving their academic goals and prepare for a successful transition into the professional world. Master Success provides student-centered workshops designed to develop and maintain the skills and strategies necessary for the successful completion of a four-year degree.

Native American Support

MCA actively recruits promising Native American students to pursue a college education at UNO. They provide students with a supportive, caring space on campus in which students can feel comfortable discussing any challenges they face or the victories they achieve. MCA also connects students to the Native American community on campus, in Omaha, and surrounding reservations and invites community members to visit UNO’s campus and participate in events. 

Cultural Programming

Cultural Programming includes the celebration and promotion of cultural heritage months including Black History Month, Latino Heritage Month, Native Heritage Month, and Diversity Month, as well as three annual Native American events.

The Sisterhood

The Sisterhood is a comprehensive support program that collaborates with Links Inc. The campus wide initiative aims to give young women an opportunity to celebrate and enhance their strengths, creativity and intelligence. The Sisterhood empowers young women to develop a successful life plan for college and their career. Students attend monthly conferences and workshops on financial literacy, life planning, and leadership, and overall life skills.

The Brotherhood

The purpose of The Brotherhood is to assist the male students of African ancestry in the realization of their academic and personal goals while providing a network for Black/African American student representation and participation in university awareness and intellectual growth.

Services & Resources

Academic Support

  • Tutoring, advocacy, and advising


  • The Davis/Chambers Scholarship
  • The Isaacson Inventive Scholarship

Computer Lab with Free Printing

  • Print up to 10 pages per day (no color printing).

Support for New Students

  • Welcome Breakfast, follow-up after midterms and first semester, and luncheon for first-year students on success

Academic Workshop Series
Discusses professional and academic development as well as personal growth.

Pre-College Programs

The Summer Scholars Program provides college bound high school juniors the opportunity to enroll in a course at UNO to earn college credits, prepare for college life and connect with University of Nebraska at Omaha faculty, staff and students. The goal of the Summer Scholars Program is to expose high school students to the dynamics of a college campus environment through a five-week pre-college summer session.

Participants learn about college academic course work, time management, college admissions, ACT/SAT preparation, college scholarships and the financial aid process. They interact with university faculty and staff, explore career options and participate in community service activities. In addition to the academic benefits of the program, the scholars receive an increased awareness of social and cultural issues.

Outside of the classroom, the Summer Scholars spend a week living at the Scott Residence Hall on UNO’s Pacific Street campus. 

Scholarship Programs

The Davis/Chambers Scholarship recognizes the most academically talented students from diverse backgrounds that find the financial requirements of post-secondary education an obstacle. Awarded for the first time in 1990, the Davis/Chambers Scholarship is already recognized as one of the University's most important ways of honoring outstanding Nebraska students.

The Isaacson Incentive Scholarship funded by the Jacob J. and Dossie M. Isaacson Estate, was established to recognize the academic achievements of talented students throughout the Omaha area, while encouraging their enrollment at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.

Both scholarships provide financial support for distinguished undergraduate students.

Student Services

Master Success is a skills-based developmental program designed to assist recipients of the Davis/Chambers and Isaacson Scholarships in achieving their academic goals and prepare for a successful transition into the professional world. Master Success provides student-centered workshops designed to develop and maintain the skills and strategies necessary for the successful completion of a four-year degree.

Academic Support is available to ensure the academic success of under-represented students. More specifically, Multicultural Affairs objective is to equip students with the academic skills necessary to successfully graduate from the University. Students learn to become the CEO of their college career through workshops on self-advocacy training, note-taking and test preparation strategies, time management, creating learning communities through groups and networking with peers, faculty and career professionals.

Advising academic and personal

Extended Office Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays until 8:00pm

Computer Lab and Printing


Mid Term Follow-up

FAFSA to assist families and students as they go through the process of applying for financial aid

Welcome Breakfast Gives students the opportunity to meet other new students, current students, the Multicultural Affairs staff and other student affairs professionals

Cultural Programs

Diversity of programs to meet the needs of our diverse student body.

Community Outreach

Partnering with our various diverse population to ensure there is a connection between the community and the university.

New Student and Family Programs

New Student and Family Programs provides support for all new undergraduate students, both entering freshmen and transfer students, and their families as they get acquainted with the University. Orientation is the mandatory program that prepares students for a successful start at UNO. This experience introduces students to campus resources, academic expectations, and tools to thrive during your time at UNO.

There are a variety of options for students to complete orientation including: first year student orientation, transfer student orientation, adult learner orientation (students 21 years of age or older; those with dependents), Military/Veteran orientation, and online orientation (available to all transfer students, students 21 years of age or older, or those who live outside of 250 miles from campus). 

For additional information, contact New Student and Family Programs, located in the Welcome Center, at 402-554-2667 or by email at More information is also available online at

Academic Support Services

Math-Science Learning Center

The MSLC provides UNO students the assistance they need to conquer academic challenges in Math and Science. Model students serve as tutors, supplemental instruction leaders and study group facilitators trained to assist their peers in achieving academic success. The MSLC houses meeting alcoves, study/tutoring space, tutorial computers and reserve study materials. It also offers academic consultation for students seeking to increase their overall learning effectiveness and efficiency.

The Math-Science Learning Center is located in Durham Science Center 107

Speech Center

The UNO Speech Center assists all UNO students, faculty, and staff in preparing oral presentations and/or incorporating them into their courses.

Speech Consulting Room provides consulting and coaching services for all UNO students, graduate students, faculty, and staff from all disciplines, assistance to faculty in support of Speaking Across the Curriculum effort at UNO and assessment documentation for the UNO oral communication general education requirement.

The Speech Center is located in Arts & Science Hall 183 & 185 or can be reached at 402-554-3201.

Writing Center

The Writing Center invites UNO student, faculty, and staff in all university divisions to work with a writing consultant on any university-related writing project.  You may use this free service to work on your writing assignments, application essays, business letters or other projects. Our goal is to help you become an effective, independent writer; we will not edit papers for you: instead we will help you develop the ability to edit your own work.

Since graduate-level essays are often lengthy, you may reserve an hour-long appointment instead of the standard half hour. You may wish to work with one of our Graduate Consultants.  To schedule an appointment, call the Writing Center at 402-554-2946 or visit them online at

Testing Center

The University of Nebraska at Omaha Testing Center provides a variety of services to UNO students, faculty and staff. These services extend into the Omaha community and beyond to persons needing testing related assistance.

The types of services include university placement exams, certification/licensure exams, online distance education exams, admission exams, proficiency exams, national exams, career assessments, personality indicators, departmental challenge exams, correspondence exams and testing accommodations for students with disabilities. The Testing Center will also consider special requests associated with individual needs.

For more information regarding testing services, please contact:

The University of Nebraska at Omaha
Testing Center
522 Kayser Hall
Omaha, NE 68182-0318

National Exams 

The Testing Center may be able to provide information for many nationally administered exams including computer-based testing for Educational Testing Service exams. 

Among exams offered are the Graduate Record Exam (GRE), PRAXIS series exams, Law School Admission Test (LSAT), ACT Assessment, Miller Analogies Test (MAT), Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), Test of English for International Communications (TOEIC), College-Level Examination Program (CLEP), DSST exams formerly known as DANTES Subject Standardized Tests, NCAA Coaches Certification Exam, Major Field Test (MFT), and many other certification/licensure exams.

Placement Exams 

Placement exams include the English Placement Proficiency Exam (EPPE), Math Placement Exam, French Placement Exam (FPE), and the Spanish Placement Exam (SPE).

English Placement 

The English Placement/Proficiency Exam (EPPE) is required for undergraduate students (first-time freshmen and transfer students) and international students, including some applying for graduate studies.

These students should check with their UNO academic advisor to see whether they are exempt from taking the EPPE: 

Students who took an Advanced Placement (AP) English course and a corresponding AP test in high school and present an English AP score of 3 or higher 

Students with composition credit deemed equivalent to UNO’s ENGL 1150 and/or ENGL 1160.

International students with an Associate’s degree or higher from a U. S. accredited post-secondary institution 

The EPPE is a 90 minute essay. Examinees should allow approximately 2 hours for an exam session. A student may take the EPPE twice in a calendar year.

Chemistry Placement

Entrance into CHEM 1180 General Chemistry I, depends on a student’s ACT or SAT Math Sub-Score or their score on the Math Placement Exam. CHEM 1180 placement is determined according to the following criteria.

ACT Math Sub-Score – 25+

SAT Math Sub-Score Placement of 570+ (590+ for 2012-2016 scores)


Math Exam Score – 6 with placement into:


Math Exam Score – 7 with placement into:


A student may challenge their ACT or SAT Math Sub-Score placement by taking the Math Placement Exam. The exam must be taken before the opening of enrollment for the term in which CHEM 1180 is to be taken. Math Placement scores within the last 2 years are acceptable for placement into CHEM 1180.

Alternative CHEM 1180 Criteria:

Math Exam Placement above or completion of MATH 1320 or MATH 1340 or MATH 1360 (with a C- or greater)

OR Completion of CHEM 1120 (with a B- or greater)

OR Completion of CHEM 1140 (with a C- or greater)

Please refer to the Math Placement section for additional information on the Math Placement exams.

Math Placement

Entrance into certain Math courses is contingent on a student's ACT or SAT Math Sub-Score, or their score on the Math Placement Exam. Placement is determined according to the following criteria.

ACT Math Sub-Score SAT Math Sub-Score SAT 2016 Sub-Score Math Exam Score Placement Course(s)
0-18 220-450 230-490 1 MATH 1000 (only a score of "1" is eligible)
19-22 460-530 500-560 3 MATH 1310 or MATH 1530
23-24 540-560 570-580 4 MATH 1310, MATH 1320, MATH 1370 or MATH 1530
23-24 540-560 570-580 5 MATH 1310, MATH 1320, MATH 1330, MATH 1340, MATH 1370 or MATH 1530
25 570-580 590-600 6 MATH 1310, MATH 1320, MATH 1330, MATH 1340, MATH 1370, MATH 1530, MATH 1930, or MATH 1940
26+ 590+ 610+ 7 MATH 1310, MATH 1320, MATH 1330, MATH 1340, MATH 1370, MATH 1530, MATH 1930, MATH 1940 or MATH 1950

A student may challenge their ACT or SAT Math Sub-Score placement by taking the Math Placement Exam.

The Math Placement Exam is an adaptive, computer based tests is untimed. A 2-5 hour testing window is scheduled which includes check-in, instructions, testing, and check-out. An on screen calculator is available during the exam, therefore personal calculators are not allowed. A student may take the Math Placement Exam twice in a two year period. ACT or SAT Math Sub-Score placement is valid for 5 years after the test date. Math Placement Exam results are valid for 2 years.

Foreign Language Placement

French and Spanish placement is required for any student with prior language experience who wants to enroll in their first UNO French or Spanish course. Native speakers should contact a French or Spanish advisor in the Foreign Language Department for permission to enroll.

A student with no prior French or Spanish experience does not need to take a placement exam.

A student who is placed into French or Spanish at the 1120-level or higher may be eligible for retroactive credit for UNO courses they test out of. The student must earn a final course grade of “C” or better in the course they are placed into in order to receive retroactive credit.

Both exams include a short listening comprehension section; a written section; and a short composition section. Exam time is 1 hour and 30 minutes, not including check-in, instructions, and check-out. Examinees should allow approximately 2 hours for an exam session. A retest is not permitted less than 1 year after the prior test. Results are valid for 1 year.

Credit by Examination at UNO

Credit by Examination allows students the opportunity to gain academic credit for prior learning they have acquired by self-study or experience. Tests may be taken in many subject areas and credit may be earned by achieving acceptable scores on these tests. Benefits include saving tuition dollars and shortening the time it takes to earn a degree.

Two types of examinations may be taken for credit at UNO: The College-Level Examination Program (CLEP) and UNO’s Special Examination Program.

Many postsecondary institutions now offer credit on the basis of CLEP examinations annually. The CLEP exams include General Examinations and Subject Examinations. Both are designed to measure factual knowledge and understanding, problem-solving ability, and mastery of college-level, introductory course content in a wide range of disciplines.

UNO’s Special Examination procedure involves “challenging” one of the courses taught at this University by attempting a Departmental Examination. These examinations are constructed by the Department for the purpose of measuring knowledge in a particular course being offered at UNO. Credit is granted for the course upon successful completion of the examination.

  • An examination may not be attempted more than once.
  • A student who has failed to earn credit in an attempted college course may not receive Credit by Examination in the same course. Neither will credit be granted to raise a grade earned in any course.
  • A maximum of 30 hours Credit by Examination (the College of Business has a limit of 24 hours) may be applied toward graduation, i.e., CLEP, by Challenge, etc.
  • Credits earned by examination may not be used as part of the terminal residency requirements, so you should check the requirements of your college.
  • Students taking Departmental Examinations must be registered at UNO at the time they attempt the exam. (Registration is not required to take CLEP exams.) You must be a UNO student to have the credit applied to UNO.
  • Students attempting Credit by Examination in courses in which they are currently enrolled must do so before they have completed one month of the course.
  • Credit by examination will not be given for courses that are prerequisites for courses that the student has already earned credit. For exceptions, check with the Department.
  • Credit earned on a General Examination will be reduced by the amount of comparable credit already earned in the division.

The fee for each CLEP exam is $80.00, plus a separate nonrefundable service fee of $25.00. There is a $10.00 fee for optional essays. You must pay separately for each exam you take. CLEP exams and optional essays are free for military personnel with proper ID (the Center’s $25.00 fee is still required). There is a $25.00 charge for each Departmental Exam (Challenge Exam). In addition to the cost of taking the examinations, payment for recording hours earned through CLEP and Challenge Exams shall be assessed at the rate of one-half resident tuition per credit hour. The $25.00 fee for Departmental Exams is applied to the overall payment for credit earned. Visit to see the CLEP informational bulletin for more details. (Fees are subject to change.)

Credit earned by examination will be recorded as “CR” on the transcript, and this credit will not be used in calculating grade point average.

If you need additional information or have any questions, feel free to stop by (KH 522) or call the Testing Center (402/554-4800). Questions regarding Departmental Challenge Examinations other than those noted should be directed to the appropriate department.

Project Achieve

The Project Achieve Student Support Services Program addresses the unique needs of any UNO student who qualifies as a first-generation college student (neither parent earned a bachelor’s degree), low-income and/or disabled and is pursuing an undergraduate degree program in the university. The program, funded through a grant from the United States Department of Education, provides supportive services mostly for increasing the rates of retention and graduation of the students in the program. Other program activities aim at fostering an institutional climate supportive of the success of the students. Participants in the program must have the desire, self-motivation and commitment to improve their academic abilities and skills through study and participation. The program offers a variety of services, including teaching, tutoring, counseling, academic advisement and non-credit seminars and workshops. To apply, contact Project Achieve in Kayser Hall 330, or call 402-554-3492.

Campus Recreation

Campus Recreation is located in the Health and Kinesiology building near the Field House. The mission of Campus Recreation is to enhance the UNO community's quality of life through participation in fun, diverse recreational and leisure opportunities.  Campus Recreation's staff, programs and facilities are recognized locally, regionally and nationally as leaders in the leisure and recreational sports profession. Campus Recreation provides programming and services to the UNO community through the operation of the following program and service areas: Strength & Fitness, Intramural Sports, Sport Clubs, the Outdoor Venture Center, Injury Prevention & Care, Aquatics, Mav Kids - Youth Programs and Instructional Programs. All currently enrolled students who pay UPF fees are automatically members. Students may sponsor spouses and friends to purchase Campus Recreation membership as well. Check our website for full membership details and prices.

An expansive renovation and addition project was completed on the Health & Kinesiology Building in September 2010, ranking it alongside the premier wellness facilities in the country.  The expansion presented an exciting opportunity to create programs that positively impact the quality of life for students at the University of Nebraska at Omaha.  New and renovated space was dedicated to recreational activities, student health and wellness, nonacademic education programs, and administrative space supporting these student services.  The facility houses five multi-activity courts, a 50-meter pool, a jogging track, seven racquetball  and two squash courts, two state-of-the-art fitness centers, men's and women's locker rooms, two inclusive locker rooms, a 25-person spa pool, four group exercise and spinning rooms, a 4,200 square foot climbing wall and an Injury Prevention and Care clinic. Equipment necessary to participate in a variety of activities is available for checkout free of charge at the Guest Services desk.

The HPER Building strives to be accessible and inclusive to all members of the UNO community.  Notable features of the building that assist in accomplishing this goal include private, accessible showers in the Inclusion Locker Rooms, wheelchair-accessible weight machines and racquetball courts, sport wheel chairs and ADA lifts in the pool. The Campus Recreation staff are ready to assist all individuals in developing programs to meet their individual needs.  

As the largest employer of students on campus, Campus Recreation offers employment opportunities to more than 150 students each year. Positions include building manager, guest services, office worker, central issue clerk, OVC rental clerk, lifeguard, climbing wall supervisor, sports official, weight room supervisors, fitness instructors, personal trainers, building manager and injury prevention and care staff.  Check the employment section of the Campus Recreation website for a listing of open positions.

Campus Recreation believes it has something for everyone.  Get involved by visiting the Campus Recreation Guest Services desk in the Health and Kinesiology Building atrium or call 402.554.2539.  Information is also online at


The Strength and Fitness program offers open fitness times, Personal Training, and Group Exercise programs. The fitness facility has open fitness time for more than 107 hours per week and has nearly 30,000 visits per month. There are two separate fitness spaces that provide unique environments and meet most fitness needs. The Personal Training program offers a certified trainer who can create a customized program to meet and accomplish individual goals. The Group Exercise program offers 30 classes per week and has nearly 300 unique participants per month. Classes vary in intensity - light, moderate to high intensity and include classes such as Yoga, Boot Camp, HIIT, Cycling and Zumba

Intramural Sports

Intramural Sports runs leagues and tournaments for the on-campus population.  It provides exercise, recreation, completion and fun to all participants in a relaxed, yet structured environment.  The Intramural Sports program is designed to match equally skilled teams and persons in various sports; keep the thrill of completion within its limits; and place emphasis on having fun, good sportsmanship, and fair play. Team, individual, and dual competition takes place in the following divisions: men’s, women’s, open and co-recreational. Intramural sports currently include: flag football, basketball, outdoor/indoor soccer, softball, broomball, floor hockey, dodgeball and outdoor/indoor volleyball. Other events and activities are added throughout the year. Check the Campus Recreation website for updated schedules. Please call Intramural Sports at 402.554.3030 for more information on how to register.

There also are opportunities for individuals with disabilities to actively participate in competitive games throughout the academic year. Campus Recreation will provide sport chairs for use to all valid members who participate in wheelchair based activities within the facility.

Sport Clubs

Sport clubs promote interest in a specific sport or activity, and are registered and sponsored by Campus Recreation.  Clubs may provide a program of instruction, recreation and/or competition in their specified sport; and usually travel to other campuses to compete. Sport clubs assume a variety of types and sizes in order to meet many different sporting needs and interests of students, faculty and staff. Each club establishes its own organizational framework, leadership and performance level. Each sport club is a student organization that is administered by its members. To join an existing club or start your own sport club, please call 402.554.3030 or stop by HPER 104.  Check out the Campus Recreation website for a current listing of recognized sport clubs.

Outdoor Venture Center

Visit the Outdoor Venture Center (OVC) to push yourself and explore the outdoors in a new way. The OVC offers trips and instruction in rock climbing, backpacking, canoeing, kayaking, cross-country skiing and many other activities. Programs may be as short as an evening or as long as a week for extended trips. Workshop options are located on or near campus and last a few hours. OVC adventures take place locally in Nebraska and across the USA in states like Colorado, Utah, Arkansas, Minnesota, Wyoming, South Dakota and Montana. Anyone that desires to get out on their own adventure can make use of the OVC’s equipment rental. The OVC provides a series of classes in outdoor leadership, basic rescue principles and outdoor emergency care for students interested in leading such trips or further refining existing skills.

Climbing Wall

The 28-foot high wall and accompanying 12-foot high “boulder” combine for a total of 4,200 square feet of available climbing space. The climbing wall is open all week, and several climbing workshops are offered throughout the year. Helmets, climbing harnesses, belay devices and ropes are provided free of charge. Climbing shoes are required and are available for rent. The climbing wall is one of the few Campus Recreations services available to non-members as well.  Non-members must pay a daily admission price.


The pool is available to students, campus recreation members, and a limited amount of general public participants. The pool is open seven days a week for recreational and lap swimming. Aquatics offers both youth and adult swim lessons, Lifeguard Trainings and a recreational adult league called “Maverick Swimmers.”  All aquatic activities are conducted under the guidance and supervision of Campus Recreation personnel and staffed by skilled and qualified Lifeguards.

Injury Prevention and Care

The Injury Prevention and Care (IPC) program is a state-of-the-art athletic training facility.  The program is designed to provide injury prevention and care services to all students, faculty and staff participating in Campus Recreation activities. IPC staffs two Certified Athletic Trainers (ATCs) who can provide injury evaluations, injury rehabilitations, education and assistance to all Campus Recreation members in regard to previous or current sports injuries. The IPC program offers the following services:

  • First aid (wound care, band aids, ice bags and Ace bandage wraps)
  • Injury evaluations (acute and chronic)
  • Free Crutch Checkout
  • Taping (Free with your own tape)
  • Referral services
  • Rehabilitation education

Call IPC at 402.554.3170 to schedule an appointment or for more information.

Mav Kids Youth Programming

Mav Kids is a youth-targeted program open to children of UNO students, faculty, staff and the general public. The Mav Kids Summer Day Camp runs week-long camps incorporating various activities into a “theme” for that week including rock climbing, swimming, field trips, arts and crafts and educational sessions.  An annual Halloween Party, rock climbing evenings, and craft days are run during the school year.  The Mini Mav Kids is a sport development program for preschool age children and is run under the guidelines of the National Alliance for Youth Sports Start Smart program.

Instructional Programs

We offer a variety of non-fitness and specialty focused instructional programs.  Offerings may vary semester to semester but are likely to include the following:

  • The Martial Arts Academy meets every Tuesday and Thursday year-round.  Practices mainly focus on Taekwondo.
  • Red Cross First Aid and CPR/AED classes are offered throughout the year.  We are able to offer web-based instruction with in-person skills testing as well as the traditional classroom instruction. 
  • Self-defense workshops
  • Cooking demonstrations
  • Adult craft sessions and programs

Contact the Campus Recreation office if there is an Instructional Program that you would like to see offered that is not listed here. 

Student Involvement

In the Office of Student Involvement, students are our top priority. We provide a multitude of opportunities that afford students the chance to develop as a whole person in order to have a well-rounded college experience that is enhanced by their involvement in co-curricular activities.

No matter what your interests are there is something for you. So get involved in Student Government & the Agencies, Maverick Productions (UNO student programming board), Fraternity and Sorority Life, or our many student organizations. If you have questions or want to get involved, stop by our office on the first floor of the Milo Bail Student Center, call 402-554-2711, or visit MavSync at We look forward to connecting with you.

A list of current Student Organizations can be found at

Milo Bail Student Center

The Milo Bail Student Center (MBSC) is the student involvement hub located in the heart of Dodge Campus. MBSC is where you can take care of business at MavCARD Services or the Bookstore, connect with student services like Accessibility Services or Multicultural Affairs, and join programs geared specifically toward students like the Fraternity and Sorority Life and Student Government.  Inside MBSC you can find:

First Floor

Accessibility Services Center
Convenient Store
The Maverick Den
Gender and Sexuality Resources Center
Military and Veteran Services
Multicultural Affairs
Student Involvement
Clubs and Organizations
Fraternity and Sorority Life
Maverick Productions
MavIGATION Station

Second floor

Durango’s Grill
Catering and Food Services

Food Court
MavCARD Services
Meeting Rooms

Third floor

Meeting Rooms

Student Services in MBSC

Success isn’t just something we talk about. It’s something we believe in, and MBSC offers resources and groups for every student at UNO, so you can achieve your goals. Student services located in MBSC include the Office of Military and Veteran Services, Multicultural Affairs, the Gender and Sexuality Resources Center, Accessibility Services, and Student Involvement. Stop by any one of these offices and get connected with services and resources dedicated to your overall success at UNO.

UNO Bookstore

The UNO Bookstore, owned and operated by the University of Nebraska at Omaha, is located on the first level of MBSC. The Bookstore offers new and used textbooks, rental books, digital e-books, Omaha’s largest selection of UNO apparel, gifts, and home décor. The UNO Bookstore website,, offers free in-store pickup and free residence hall delivery for textbooks, apparel and more. 

UNO Food Services

UNO Food Services strives to offer high quality food at a reasonable price to UNO students, faculty, staff, and community. The majority of our food is made in-house, from scratch, and uses simple ingredients with no extenders, fillers, or preservatives. UNO Food Services recycles all of its cardboard and oil and all of the disposable ware offered is compostable and biodegradable. We keep our food local whenever possible and purchase products from companies like Omaha Steaks, Rotella and Hiland Dairy. UNO Food Services operates MBSC Food Court, Maverick Den, Durango’s Grill, Library Café, MavREC Café, and UNO Catering.

MBSC Food Court
Offers a wide variety of freshly made options including: house-made pizza, pasta, Tex-Mex, wok-cooked stir-fry and much more! Grab-and-go options are available like Eat Fit Go, sushi, and sandwiches, for when you need a quick meal or snack.  View Menu

Maverick Den and Convenience Store
Stop at the grill to get quick, grab-and-go hamburgers, chicken tenders, fries, custom-made salads, and more. Get your caffeine fix at our coffee bar serving shade-grown, direct-trade coffee from the Arbor Day Foundation. Premium ice cream, shakes, and sundaes available made to order. The Convenience Store is always fully stocked with beverages, snacks, and other essentials. View Menu

Durango’s Grill
Durango’s Grill is a full, culinary experience and serves made-to-order dishes. Highlights include in-house smoked BBQ, fresh-made soups and salads, gourmet burgers and rotating, weekly specials that are all prepared in an open kitchen. View Menu

Library Café
The Library Café is convenient for long study days. Enjoy a toasted sandwich, hot soup, a variety of salads, pastries and much more. The Library Café also serves Starbucks Coffee and drinks. View Menu

MavREC Café
The MavREC Café offers fast and delicious options like smoothies, coffee, yogurt, soups, sandwiches, salads and Arbor Day Foundation coffee. Grab a meal from Eat Fit Go before class or after a workout!  View Menu

UNO Catering 
Offers catering services for small meetings to large banquets, providing great food, professional and friendly service, and outstanding presentation.View Menu

MavCARD Services

MavCARD is your key to campus life at UNO as your official ID card, Criss Library card, access to Campus Recreation, entrance in to campus-sponsored events, free ticket into Maverick home athletic events, and is free bus pass for the Omaha Metro Transit System. It also provides access to applicable campus buildings, parking garages, and residence halls.

Download the “GET Mobile” app in order to access your MavCARD account 24/7 to add funds, check balances, report your card as lost or stolen, and get information on all of the fantastic locations you can use your MavCARD as payment!

Visit for more information!


On-Campus Housing

UNO offers six residential communities for on-campus living. Maverick and University Villages are on the Dodge Campus and Scott Village, Court, Crossing, and Hall are on the Scott Campus.  The majority of housing consists of four bedrooms, two baths, furnished apartments that provide each student with a private bedroom while sharing common space with three other students. Cable, internet, and utilities are included with rent. Dodge Campus housing also includes laundry.  Scott Hall and part of Scott Crossing offer more traditional suites that have a partial kitchen and include an on-campus meal plan. Resident Assistants, who are live-in upper class students, are dedicated to making the on-campus living the best possible experience for residents. On-Campus Housing provides many opportunities to get involved with campus life!   For more information on amenities, options, and to view floor plans, please visit Housing and Residential Life at

Off-Campus Housing Referral Service

For information regarding housing options (houses, apartments, etc.) available in the greater Omaha area see or contact us at