Community Engagement Opportunities

Office of Civic and Social Responsibility

The Office of Civic and Social Responsibility (OCSR) is dedicated to developing engaged, civic-minded citizens and leaders for our communities. UNO believes service and engagement are vital components for the educational development of all students and for a sustainable, healthy community. Learn more on the Civic and Social Responsibility website.

Service Learning Academy

Service learning is an experiential, collaborative method of teaching that incorporates community projects that promote academic learning. These projects are directly linked to academic curriculum and meet community-identified needs while engaging students in their community and provide real-world context to coursework. As such, service learning course "classrooms" often exist in the community and engage community partners as co-teachers. Throughout the course students reflect on their experiences, consider the relationship to their reading and research, relevance to community growth, and impact on their personal values, development, and professional skills. 

Every semester, there are a variety of courses in all UNO colleges that use service learning as a method of instruction. By choosing a service learning course, students are able to:

•Apply textbook knowledge to the real world and engage with homework
•Use and develop strengths
•Discover new skills & talents
•Explore their leadership style
•Learn to communicate with others and work in teams
•Sharpen skills that employers want such as problem solving, critical thinking, innovation, and creativity
•Explore the assets in the community
•Build their résumé

To search for service learning courses, choose "service learning" under the Program tab in the class search function. 

 To explore service learning course options and project examples, please visit the Service Learning Academy website.  

Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center

The Barbara Weitz Community Engagement Center is a one-of-a-kind place, designed to combine great ideas and organizations with the boundless energy of the UNO campus. Every day, in our meeting rooms, hallways, and building partner offices, people build mutually-beneficial collaborations and find creative ways to make a difference in our community.

Learn more about the Community Engagement Center