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ART 1100  FOUNDATION: DRAWING (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to the essential tools of art making through an active exploration of drawing mediums and design concepts. The focus is on the development of conceptual and technical skills used in contemporary studio practice. The course will have a strong emphasis on learning to see in the context of an observational studio practice.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Lab fee required.

Political Science, MS

...Political Science, College of Arts & Sciences Vision Statement...PSCI subfield introductory courses (1100, 2000, 2210, 2310...

Teacher Education

...STAT 1530 , or STAT 1100 ) or placement beyond...of the endorsements below. Art (PK-12) Endorsement...

Native American Studies Minor

...American cultures, literatures, histories, arts, values, lifeways, Native American Studies (NAMS 1100) is required.