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ART 1110  FOUNDATION: 3D DESIGN (3 credits)

This course is an introduction to the technical and conceptual aspects of three dimensional design, focusing on drawing and sculpture problems. Students will develop an understanding of 3-D design components and principles, learn handmade and shop oriented technologies, and explore analytical and conceptual drawing. They will also address critical skills and the cultural analysis of art practice.

Prerequisite(s): Lab fee required.

College of Arts and Sciences

To be recognized and respected throughout the United States as one of the premier Colleges of Arts and Sciences at a metropolitan university, maximizing our resources to build exceptional programs related to teaching, scholarship, creative activity, outreach, and service.

Latino/Latin American Studies, Bachelor of Arts

In the major in Latino/Latin American Studies (LLS) students learn about critical issues such as: urban segregation; education; health and socioeconomic disparities; environmental justice; political mobilization; human rights; migration; language shifts; and cultural creations both in Latin America and how these affect the Latino community in the United States.

Foreign Languages and Literature

...of Arts and Sciences. To enroll in any French, German, or Spanish course beyond 1110...

Teacher Education

...and Communication Studies ( CMST 1110 or CMST 2120...of the endorsements below. Art (PK-12) Endorsement...

General Science, Bachelor of Science

...advisor from complementary disciplines. Arts and Sciences students...major: GEOL 1170 , PHYS 1110 / PHYS 1154 , an...

Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

...including state of the art computing facilities, substituted for CMST 1110 . 3 The department...