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ART 3130  GRAPHIC DESIGN 1 (3 credits)

The first course in the Graphic Design sequence, Graphic Design I is an upper division course focusing on the essential elements of Graphic Design as a discipline and practice. Working individually, students learn the tools, terminology, theory, and history of Graphic Design as a professional and artistic practice. Focused attention and time is spent learning conceptualization skills, digital skills, design practice and the relationship between the designer and their social and historical context.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): ART 1220, or permission of instructor

Economics, Bachelor of Arts

To obtain a BA with a major in Economics in the College of Arts & Sciences, a student must fulfill university, college, and departmental requirements. Hour requirements follow:


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Economics, Bachelor of Science the College of Arts & Sciences, a student...include: SOC 2130 , PSYC 3130 , STAT 3000 , STAT...