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ART 3760  ART HISTORY SEMINAR (3 credits)

A seminar in a selected area of art history. This course is designed to introduce students to readings in journals and to methods of research in art history. Lab fee required.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): ART 2050 and ART 2060

College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media

The College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media (CFAM) is united by its common conviction that imagination and human communication are inseparable aspects of the same intellectual process. Through innovative and traditional teaching and the use of emerging technologies, the college promotes learning, research, scholarship, creative activity, and service to the profession and to the broader community in all aspects of human communication.

Theatre, that include THEA 3760 or THEA 4780...Offered Theatre, Bachelor of Arts Minors Offered Theatre...