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ART 4530  ART INTERNSHIP (1-3 credits)

A tutored internship at a local arts institution that will introduce students to following areas of concentration: Curatorial Collections Research, Education Outreach, and Preparation/Installation. Working as an Artist 's Studio Assistant or in the areas of Web page design or graphic design are also appropriate internship projects. Ideally, the internship should provide the student with an opportunity to gain pre-professional experiences and skills. It should also increase his or her awareness of current issues and practices within the field of art.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Reserved for studio art (BASA & BFA), Art Education, or Art History majors; junior standing & min GPA of 3.0. Permission of Faculty Advisor & Intern Sponsor required. Advanced art history, art education, or studio courses may be required.

Art History, Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History offers an interdisciplinary approach to the history, technique, and theory of art, architecture, and material and visual culture. The program provides two paths of study in art history. Option A prepares students for graduate study in art history while Option B prepares students for careers in the fields of Museum Studies and Arts Administration. The Bachelor of Arts in Art History requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of course work.

Electrical Engineering, Bachelor of Science

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