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This course is an independent research project under the direct supervision of the sponsoring faculty member, generally involving the writing of a paper. Lab fee required.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Art History major in upper division and permission of instructor.

Art History, Bachelor of Arts

The Bachelor of Arts in Art History offers an interdisciplinary approach to the history, technique, and theory of art, architecture, and material and visual culture. The program provides two paths of study in art history. Option A prepares students for graduate study in art history while Option B prepares students for careers in the fields of Museum Studies and Arts Administration. The Bachelor of Arts in Art History requires a minimum of 120 credit hours of course work.

Latino/Latin American Studies, Bachelor of Arts

The major in Latino/Latin American Studies (LLS) prepares students with a comprehensive understanding of Latino and Latin American critical issues, peoples, societies and cultures. Students learn about critical issues such as: urban segregation; education; health and socioeconomic disparities; environmental justice; political mobilization; human rights; migration; language shifts; and cultural creations. Employers and post-graduate programs today seek to recruit students with the kind of integral knowledge an LLS degree provides. Students can easily double major in Spanish, social sciences, humanities, natural sciences and more.

Chicano/Latino Studies Minor

...Work, Journalism, Education, Fine Arts, Spanish, Sociology, History...Studies below. 1 HIST 4910 - Topics to include...