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This course provides a broad understanding of all aspects of the air transportation and aerospace industries. Lectures will cover what has happened in the industry to date, with emphasis on present and future developments in air transportation. The course will include the impact the airline industry is making on airports and other segments of aviation and aerospace.

Prerequisite(s): Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Distribution: Social Science General Education course


provide an environment where students are supported and challenged as they develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences that prepare them for personally and professionally rewarding careers in aviation and transportation; conduct research that enhances the safety, security, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of aviation and transportation services, and improves mobility and quality of life for the citizens of the State of Nebraska; engage the community through partnerships and other collaborative initiatives that improve the lives of the citizens of the State of Nebraska and others through innovative education, training, research, and service projects; and maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the conduct of the Institute’s business and the management and stewardship of its resources.

College of Public Affairs and Community Service

The College of Public Affairs and Community Service (CPACS) was established in 1973 to ensure university responsiveness to the critical social needs of the community and state. The college was charged with the mission of providing educational programs of the highest caliber to prepare students for leadership in public service and reaching out to the community to help solve public problems.