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Music and the Black Experience will provide students with historical and cultural knowledge of African Americans in the American music entertainment industry; the cultural influences of West African music traditions in African American music; and the American socio-political experiences that influenced music genres unique to Black people. Students will explore how West African music traditions survived and evolved through American slavery, reconstruction, the Civil Rights era, and into the 21st century; and how Black musical artists challenged racial discrimination in the music industry to create distinct music genres culturally unique to Black people. Overall, students taking this course will gain an understanding of the cultural role of music throughout the Black experience in America, and an appreciation for African American musical artists and composers who influenced all popular American music genres, from Spirituals to Broadway. (Cross-listed with MUS 2510).

Distribution: Humanities and Fine Arts General Education course and U.S. Diversity General Education course

Criminology and Criminal Justice

...with BLST 3410) . Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): BLST...1010 , or permission CRCJ 2510 RESEARCH METHODS (3...