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Required non-credit course for graduate students in biomechanics. Intended to familiarize the graduate student with current ongoing biomechanical research at UNO and other institutions. The seminar will additionally include topics focusing on professional development, job and educational opportunities, and biomechanical methodologies.

Prerequisite(s): Must be a student in BMCH graduate program. Not open to non-degree graduate students.


The mission of the Division of Biomechanics and Research Development is to serve not only the University of Nebraska at Omaha but the entire University of Nebraska system and the state of Nebraska by (a) educating and developing a dynamic workforce to meet our scientific needs at a national and international level and by (b) enhancing economic growth through development of biotechnology and biomechanical intellectual property produced by students and faculty performing innovative research in the multiple laboratories of the Biomechanics Research Building. The research performed in the Division will provide a new understanding of the dynamic aspects of human and animal biomechanics via multidisciplinary approaches. In particular, we aim to achieve the following specific objectives:

Biomechanics, MS

...term of the undergraduate degree. All 8000 level BMCH courses are eligible for students as...