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The purpose of the course is to introduce candidates to the study of the disorders of articulation and of phonological patterns. The course will include the study of normal phonological development and typical acquisition of speech sounds in addition to the study of phonological simplification patterns and disordered articulation. This course will prepare pre-service speech-language pathology students as dedicated practitioners, reflective scholars, and responsible citizens who can meet the challenges of their profession in a changing world. Functional and organic parameters will be discussed including etiology, characteristics, assessment tools and techniques, therapeutic intervention, and service delivery models. The availability and effects of technology tools in the areas of assessment and intervention will be discussed. The role of the speech language pathologist in addressing cultural, professional, and ethical issues will be included.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Minimum 3.00 GPA; SPED 4450/CDIS 4450. This course is designed for undergraduate candidates majoring in speech-language pathology.

Speech-Language Pathology, MS

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