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This course will provide candidates with an introductory set of skills to interpret and evaluate research in communication disorders and closely related fields. In addition, this course will provide candidates with basic knowledge regarding research designs and analyses commonly used in communication disorders and related fields. The content addressed in this course will prepare candidates to judiciously evaluate evidence-based practice and apply the scientific method to clinical decision-making. It offers an opportunity to cultivate critical thinking skills imperative to becoming dedicated practitioners, reflective scholars, and responsible citizens who can adeptly meet the ever-evolving challenges of their profession.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): This course is designed for graduate and undergraduate students majoring in speech-language pathology and is a required course for speech-language pathology candidates.

Speech-Language Pathology, MS

...4370 , CDIS 4330 , CDIS 4390 , CDIS 4490 , CDIS 4500 , CDIS 4380 , CDIS 4470 & CDIS 4480...