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This course is designed to precede the candidates' first practicum experiences. Candidates will learn about issues affecting their roles and responsibilities as speech-language pathologists. Information about state and national certification, licensure and professional organizations, professional ethics, philosophical bases and professional practice patterns regarding the assessment process in speech-language pathology, and counseling parents in prevention of speech/language disorders is central to the course. Candidates will develop an understanding of how cultural/ethnic diversity affects the assessment process and learn how to identify speech/language differences vs. disorders.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Speech-Language Pathology, MS

...CDIS 4750 , CDIS 4450 , CDIS 4430 , CDIS 4370 , CDIS 4330 , CDIS 4390 , CDIS 4490 , CDIS...