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Communication Theory is an undergraduate course designed to introduce students to the major foundational theories that inform the field of communication. Special emphasis is placed on communication theories that examine the self, the message, relationship development, groups and organizations, the public and the media, as well as culture and diversity. Skills learned in this course are necessary foundations for the upper-level communication courses as well as the Communication Studies capstone course.

Prerequisite(s): CMST 1400

School of Communication

The School of Communication provides a student-centered, dynamic environment designed to elevate, empower, and engage students to become skilled, ethical citizens and professionals who can excel in diverse local and global communities.

Teacher Education

...Communication Studies ( CMST 1110 or CMST 2120 ) (C...of six credits: TED 2100 , TED 2200 , TED...

College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media

...Media Communication CMST 3340 Rhetorical Criticism ( For students in Communication Studies) JMC 2100 Media Writing...