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This course examines inequities in the context of the cumulative effects of biases in the criminal justice system. Students learn how macro-structural conditions, community violence, depletion of male role models as the result of incarceration, and adversarial contacts with police can negatively impact young children residing in some lower socio-economic communities of color as well as increase their likelihood of early contact with the juvenile justice system.

Prerequisite(s): Admission to Criminology and Criminal Justice graduate program; or admission to UNO graduate program and permission of the instructor.

Criminology and Criminal Justice, MA

The Master of Arts (MA) degree is a 30-hour non-terminal degree designed to emphasize research activity and independent inquiry. This degree is recommended for those students seeking an interim degree prior to pursuing a doctoral degree. To complete the MA degree, students must write and orally defend a thesis. The thesis is an independent research project and an academic exercise that is written to the standards of the faculty members on the thesis committee. A thesis requires a committee of three faculty members and typically takes two semesters to complete.

Public Administration, MPA

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