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CSCI 3320  DATA STRUCTURES (3 credits)

This is a core that will cover a number of data structures such as tree, hashing, priority queues and graphs as well as different algorithm design methods by examining common problem-solving techniques. (Cross-listed with CSCI 8325)

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): CSCI 1620 and CSCI 2030 or MATH 2030. Programming Languages: Java or C++ Topics: Arrays, Pointers, Introductory Lists, Storage Allocation (with C- or better).

Computer Science

The Computer Science program provides a firm foundation in the theory and application of computing while allowing for additional concentration in areas of choice, such as information systems, mainframe computing, computer networking, telecommunications, data and knowledge engineering, and software development. This discipline is based on building software tools that make computers useful.