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The graduate capstone course challenges students to prove their mastery of the skills and domain knowledge they have gathered throughout their program of study. The course begins with a module on project management and research best practices. The majority of course is structured around facilitating a non-trivial semester-long project, often in service to a third-party project sponsor, such as a community, industry, or government partner. The course is intended for students that have selected the coursework option, not thesis, and that are close to graduation (see prerequisites). The course is considered summative and replaces the MS in CYBR comprehensive examination requirement.

Prerequisite(s): Students must have 9 credit hours or fewer left in the program. Students must have completed CYBR 8366, CYBR 8410, and CYBR 8420. Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Cybersecurity, MS

...Exit Requirements: Capstone 3 Credits CYBR 8950 Thesis 6 Credits CYBR 8990 All candidates should...

IT Innovation, MS

...choose this exit option will enroll in CYBR 8950 , which is an interdisciplinary capstone course...