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School leaders serve as instructional leaders in their buildings and districts. This course assists candidates in developing knowledge and practicing skills necessary to lead educators and schools in the areas of instruction and curriculum.

Prerequisite(s): Admission to the Graduate College

Elementary Education, MS

Extend 21st century teaching skills and technology applications. Enhance the ability to design engaging, authentic instruction for today’s students. Emphasize diversity and culturally responsive teaching. Expand professional connections with educators from midwestern and metro school districts with diverse perspectives. Encourage engagement with the community. Enable graduate students to make course selections that best fit their individual learning needs in a flexible program.

Secondary Education, MS

Designed for those teaching in secondary schools across a variety of curricular areas, the secondary education program offers an integrated approach to developing the skills and dispositions needed for today's educational environments. Graduate students choose a program of study that explores content and pedagogy and that also supports their professional goals and standards of practice.