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This course introduces students to Language Studies, including disciplinary theories and discourses, key issues, and methodologies in rhetoric, composition, technical communication, and linguistics. Students will also practice and become familiar with the writing conventions within Language Studies.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1160.

Distribution: Writing in the Discipline Single Course

English, Bachelor of Arts

To obtain a BA with a major in English, a student must fulfill university, college, and departmental requirements: 


The Department of English at UNO works to increase the general literacy and cultural awareness of UNO students and also the citizens of Omaha and its immediate surroundings. Faculty are considerably involved in the Service Learning Academy, in area public high schools, in city- and state-wide cultural and literary societies, in public readings and lectures, in area literary competitions and a wide array of publication outlets, and at national and international venues, such as Fulbright and CLEPS.

International Studies ENGL 2420 Critical Approaches to Language Studies, ENGL 3050 Writing for the Workplace, ENGL...