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"The Harlem Renaissance" was the name given to the explosion in cultural, artistic, and social awareness that occurred primarily in Harlem, an area of New York City, between the end of World War I and the middle of the 1930s. This course will familiarize students with the general characteristics of African American literature produced during this period and its relation to African American literature and American literature writ large. The selected texts and writers will provide particular insight into the historical experiences of African Americans in the U.S. primarily between the two world wars and inform the subsequent cultural production of African Americans in later years.(Cross-listed with ENGL 8216, BLST 4210, BLST 8216).

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1150 or ENGL 1160, ENGL 2410 recommended

Criminology and Criminal Justice

...s): CRCJ 1010 , ENGL 1160 , and 45 credit hours; or permission CRCJ 4210 INSTITUTIONAL CORRECTIONS...

Physics modern physics ( PHYS 4210 , PHYS 4220 , PHYS...Physics major this is: ENGL 3980 . Minors Offered...