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Overview of the engineering field as well as major specific information. Information will be provided to help with transitional needs to UNL and the college of engineering (time management, study skills, and resources), involvement opportunities (student organizations, research, and study abroad, tours of engineering facilities for experiential learning, and interactive learning to increase business knowledge and skills.

Prerequisite(s): First year College of Engineering students. Not open to non-degree graduate students.

College of Engineering

The College of Engineering is located on three campuses (Lincoln City Campus, Lincoln East Campus, and Scott Campus in Omaha) and has two Dean’s Offices  ( 114 Othmer Hall in Lincoln and 301 Peter Kiewit Institute in Omaha ) . The College is subdivided into units, each under the leadership of a chairperson, department head, or director.  

International Engineering Minor

...not be more than 10 years old hours must be ENGR 490 Global Experiences...

Achievement-Centered Education Electives

...4 Institutional Objectives with 10 Student Learning -Students must complete ENGR 469 as their...