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Fundamentals of geology. The study of the internal geologic processes and external and erosional and depositional processes which create the subsurface and surface features of the earth. Fundamentals of contour mapping, topographic map interpretation and identification of common minerals and rocks will be covered in a required laboratory period. One field trip required.

Distribution: Natural/Physical Sci General Education lecture&lab


The Geology Program in the Department of Geography/Geology at UNO is dedicated to educating students in the Geological Sciences. This program not only prepares students for a variety of geoscience careers, but also provides a broad education in the Arts & Sciences, which prepares students for careers in other fields and areas.  

Environmental Studies

...ENVN--Earth Sciences major and Geology minors: GEOL 1170 and one 2000-level or higher...

General Science, Bachelor of Science added to complete the GSCI major: GEOL 1170 , PHYS 1110 / PHYS 1154 , an additional...