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This course covers biological aging topics at an advanced level, and is designed for undergraduate and graduate students who have some prior knowledge about biology or aging. The course will be interdisciplinary in nature and focus on topics relevant to gerontology, biology, psychology, and exercise science. Students will learn how to think critically about primary research in the biology of aging. Furthermore, they will apply their knowledge of the biology of aging field by creating a handbook of healthy aging for older adults. (Cross-listed with GERO 4050, NEUR 4050).

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Junior or senior standing for undergraduate students or graduate level standing

Gerontology, PhD

Our program provides interdisciplinary training, preparing students to be leaders in the field of gerontology. Due to the multidisciplinary nature of the field, our students have much flexibility as we create individualized programs tailored to each student’s research and substantive interests to ensure that their training has enough breadth and depth. Our graduates acquire knowledge through various approaches including symposia, formal classes, directed studies, research projects and workshops. All students develop abilities to understand, analyze and evaluate the challenges and opportunities of an aging population. Finally, through training by our multidisciplinary faculty, students strengthen their research and writing skills to produce quality research suitable for peer-reviewed publication and presentation at national conferences.