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Full stack development is the development of both client side and server side portions of web applications. Most organizations go beyond simply using HTML web pages with a small amount of JavaScript in applications and have moved to developing modern web applications with backend APIs and frontend JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js. Students will learn how to build a backend application and REST APIs. Students will take that backend framework knowledge and learn to securely integrate these backend APIs with frontend JavaScript frameworks to build single page apps and hybrid mobile applications.

Prerequisite(s): CIST 1300 - Web Development or CSCI 2850 Programming on the Internet ISQA 3310 Managing the Database Environment or CSCI 4850 Database Management ISQA 3900 Web Application Development or equivalent

Management Information Systems, Bachelor of Science

The Bachelor of Science in Management Information Systems degree provides students with the educational background for pursuing an exciting career in applying computers in business and government to process data and solve a wide variety of business problems.