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Media Writing Lecture will help students master grammar, punctuation, spelling, Associated Press style and other language skills required for working in communication fields.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): ENGL 1150; concurrent registration with JMC 2100

Journalism and Media Communication, Bachelor of Arts

1 JMC 1500 is a major requirement but also fulfills Social Science requirement First foreign language class also works as a Humanities/Fine Arts & Global Diversity course 2 JMC 2100 is JMC’s 3 rd writing requirement and a major requirement 3 CMST Electives (CMST 1310, CMST 2010, CMST 2410) could also work as a Humanities/Fine Arts course

School of Communication

The School of Communication provides a student-centered, dynamic environment designed to elevate, empower, and engage students to become skilled, ethical citizens and professionals who can excel in diverse local and global communities.

Journalism and Media Communication, Bachelor of Science

A second field of study is required for the Bachelor of Science in communication degree. Journalism and media communication majors pursuing the BSC should complete 15 hours of courses (including at least six hours of 3000- or 4000-level courses) in one department or academic program, or related courses from various departments or academic programs other than journalism and media communication. Journalism and media communication majors may have a second field of study in communication studies by completing 12 hours of CMST courses (six hours of which must be at the 3000- or 4000-level), in addition to the six hours of CMST courses already required for the journalism and media communication major. The course used to fulfill the general education oral communication competency ( CMST 1110 or CMST 2120 ) cannot count toward the second field of study in communication studies.

College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media

...Communication studies or Journalism/Media Communication JMC 2100 / JMC 2104 Media Writing/Lab (For students...

International Studies

...Workplace, ENGL 3980 Technical Writing, or JMC 2100 + JMC 2104 Media Writing Lecture + Lab. Check...