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JMC 3340  MEDIA THEORY (3 credits)

How do media work? How do we think they work? How can we study what effect media messages have on our lives? From movies to entertainment to news, and even video games, media contain overt and hidden impacts and convey a variety of messages. Understanding the theories of media communication will make you a better storyteller, and will help you shape your message for its best impact. Explore the theories that are dominant today, those we have discarded (and why), and how this all keeps evolving as new media continue to emerge.

Prerequisite(s): JMC 2100 and JMC 1500

School of Communication

The School of Communication provides a student-centered, dynamic environment designed to elevate, empower, and engage students to become skilled, ethical citizens and professionals who can excel in diverse local and global communities.

College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media

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