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LLS 4780  URBAN LATIN AMERICA (3 credits)

This course examines the experience of Latin American urbanization, attending to its contributions to urban sociology, social movements, and policymaking. Topics include urban transitions (e.g. pre-Hispanic to colonial, post-colonial to industrial, and the neoliberal turn), socio-spatial configurations (e.g. plazas, squatter settlements), urban marginality debates, urban politics, and planning as well as governance innovations (e.g. bus rapid transit systems, participatory budgeting). Students will compare city case studies across the region and to urban life in the United States. (Cross-listed with SOC 4780, SOC 8786, LLS 8786, CACT 8186).

Prerequisite(s): Must have taken at least one social science course as well as a different LLS course, junior standing or above, or permission of the instructor

Distribution: Global Diversity General Education course