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MATH 4760  TOPICS IN MODELING (3 credits)

Selection of such topics as formulation and analysis of various models involving Markov chains, Markov processes (including birth and death processes), queues, cellular automata, difference and differential equations, chaotic systems and fractal geometries. (Cross-listed with MATH 8766, CSCI 4760, CSCI 8766).

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): MATH 2350 and MATH 4740 or MATH 8746.

Computer Engineering, Bachelor of Science

...Database Management Systems Math (MATH) Courses: 4150/8156...Computability and Formal Languages 4760/8766 Topics in...

Criminology and Criminal Justice

...or successful completion of MATH 1210 with a...General Education course CRCJ 4760 TERRORISM (3 credits...