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Management & Leadership Concentration

The management & leadership concentration provides students with opportunities to develop the technical, interpersonal, conceptual, diagnostic, communication, and decision-making skills to effectively carry out management functions. The management & leadership concentration is designed with the flexibility to permit students to select management courses that will meet their specific interests and career objectives.

Human Resource Management Concentration

The Human Resource Management concentration is for students who wish to focus on the human resource management functions of an organization. These functions include workforce staffing (recruitment and selection), talent development (training and development), performance management, total rewards (compensation and benefits), employee and labor relations, and strategic human resource planning.

College of Business Administration (CBA)

...better in a specific foundation courses. Specifically, MGMT 3490 is the foundation course for the...


...eighteen (18) credit hours. Students must complete MGMT 3490 with a C+ or above in...

MGMT 3490  MANAGEMENT (3 credits)

In this course, students will develop a clear understanding of management concepts, develop critical thinking skills in applying management concepts to real world problems and begin to develop the technical, interpersonal, communication, conceptual and decision-making skills that are important to success as a manager in modern organizations. Current management trends are emphasized.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): ENGL 1160 and MGMT 3200 or MKT 3200 each with a "C"(2.0) or above, and a 2.5 cumulative GPA.