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In this course we will use an interdisciplinary lens to study the changes and continuities of migration in the Americas. The course starts with an overview of immigration to the Americas during the first era of mass migration (1850-1920) to explore the relevance of European migrations for national and identity constructions in the Southern Cone of America. Students then will be introduced to the impacts of social and political change on emigration flows, both regionally and beyond the region. They will also explore migration related policies at the national and regional level. We will also study the changes and continuities in the migration system of the Americas. Lastly, we will analyze the new North-South migration, as well as immigration to Latin America from Asia (recent and historical), Europe, and Africa. (Cross-listed with SOC 8256, LLS 4250, LLS 8256).

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): SOC 1010 and junior standing; or permission of instructor.

Distribution: Global Diversity General Education course