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This course is designed to provide supervised, individual professional learning experiences offered within the setting of a selected social service agency in the student's chosen concentration. The student will be introduced to a variety of advanced direct and indirect social work practices. The Dual Degree Program is a part of Integrated Practice. Dual Degree students may take SOWK 8400 as their administrative practicum. If so, then PA 8010, 8050 and 8090 must be taken prior to and one course from concentration prior to or concurrently.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): SOWK 8190, SOWK 8220, SOWK 8230, and permission of the Practicum Office. Additional prerequisites for dual-degree students. Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Social Work, MSW

...B or higher in practicum courses ( SOWK 8400 and SOWK 8410 ). Exit Requirements Comprehensive Examination...