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This course will examine specific programs, methods, and techniques employed in teaching and developing language with deaf and hard of hearing children from primary through secondary levels. Current theories and practices in reading and language arts instruction will be examined. This course will also present methods for assessing reading and language problems in deaf/hard of hearing children, making adaptations and modifications in curriculum, integrating technology, and including parents in the instructional process. The sign language interpreter plays a vital role to a student who is deaf or hard of hearing because interaction is so important. When an interpreter is fluent in the use of language(s), the interpreter facilitates the student's ability to learn the language. An experienced interpreter uses knowledge of language development to make modifications to his/her interpreting approach.

Prerequisite(s): GPA 2.75 or better and SPED 3110 and SPED 3114 with a grade of B- or higher, or special permission from the instructor. Background check using UNO vendor.