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STAT 4430  LINEAR MODELS (3 credits)

This is an introduction to linear statistical models which will include: simple linear regression models, multiple linear regression models, ANOVA models including one way ANOVA, randomized block design,and other designs. Also, logistic regression models, Poisson regression models, bootstrapping/resampling models, survival analysis. Some necessary linear algebra and mathematical statistics ideas will be covered in the course also. If time allows, some mixed models and/or survival models. Much use of computer software will be made. (Cross-listed with STAT 8436)

Prerequisite(s): MATH 4750 or MATH 8756 w/ a C- or better or STAT 3800 or STAT 8805 w/ a C- or better or instructor permission based on students' having taken a basic statistics course w/ a grade of C- or better & having at least a basic knowledge of calculus.

Mathematics, MS

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Mathematics, MA

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Criminology and Criminal Justice

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