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Topics covered in this course include Exploratory Data Visualization for categorical/qualitative single/multivariate data, Grammar of Graphics, Organizing Data for Visualization, Methods of Displaying Data that include dynamic and interactive visualization, Visual Diagnostics of Statistical Models and Visual Statistical Inference. Students planning to enroll in this course should be comfortable with computer programming and have knowledge of data structures and preliminary statistical methods. (Cross-listed with STAT 4420)

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): MATH 4750 or MATH 8756 w/ a grade of C- or better or STAT 3800 or STAT 8805 w/ a C- or better or another introductory probability/statistics course w/ a C- or better, & MATH 3200 or CSCI 1620 with a grade of C- or better, or permission of instructor.

Mathematics, MS

...took STAT 4410 , STAT 4420 , or MATH 4300 may not take STAT 8416 , STAT 8426...

Mathematics, MA

...MATH 8756 , MATH 8156 , STAT 8416 , STAT 8426 , STAT 8436 , or STAT 8446 at the...