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This course is designed to provide graduate candidates with the opportunity to enhance interdisciplinary instructional strategies, curricular understanding, and lesson preparation in the areas of science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEAM) through analysis and reflective practices in STEAM. This course provides hands-on experiences that model STEAM integration techniques, including how to effectively engage with community agencies and partners to bring STEAM into the classroom. This course emphasizes not only the technical aspects of STEM, but also the creativity and innovation that arts integration can add to enhance STEM curriculum. Teacher professionals will be provided with tools, resources, and strategies to help them explore and enhance current, new, or supplemental curriculum activities that will enhance STEAM learning, student engagement, and motivation. (Cross-listed with TED 8530)

Prerequisite(s): This course includes both teacher education and STEAM related topics and therefore fits into both TED and STEM program coursework.