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This course is a survey of both western European and world theatre from the emergence of modernism to 1980, about the time of the emergence of post-modernism.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1160, THEA 1700


Theatre coursework is designed to provide students well-rounded experiences encompassing the varied components that work together to create the theatre experience. These areas include performance (acting/directing), production design (scenic, costume, lighting, sound), box office, publicity, house management, dramaturgy, stage management, and much more. Above all, we’re committed to each student’s individual development toward artistic and cultural maturity and growth that cultivates global diversity and service to our community . Through in-class and production work, students gain valuable life skills including discipline, collaboration, communication, research, planning, achieving deadlines and problem-solving.

College of Communication, Fine Arts and Media Theatre Only THEA 3710 Theatre History and Literature: Modern 1850-2000 THEA 4780 Theatre...