Academic Calendar

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The Academic Year

Typically, an academic year consists of the fall and spring semesters, each consisting of approximately 15 weeks. The unit of instruction is the semester hour. Learn more about the Credit Hour Definition.

Prep Week

The last week of regularly scheduled classes during fall and spring semesters is designated as Prep Week. Except for makeup examination tests in self-paced courses, post-tests in the English Composition Program or laboratory exams, no major examinations (accounting for more than 20 percent of a student’s grade) may be given during this period. Papers, projects or presentations assigned well in advance (at least two weeks) of Prep Week may be due during this period.
(Faculty Senate Resolution)

Final Exams

The last week of fall and spring semesters is designated as Final Examination Week. Instructors of totally online classes should arrange their final exams during Final Exam Week. Instructors of partially online classes should contact the Office of the University Registrar to find an on-campus exam location if necessary. Exams for summer or special session courses will be held on the last meeting day of the course.

Students should check the Final Exam schedule at the beginning of each semester. Finals exam days and times may vary from the regular class days/times.  If there are conflicts with the scheduled exams, students should contact their instructor early in the semester to resolve the conflict.