International Studies

The International Studies (INST) Major at UNO is an interdisciplinary program that provides a substantial international focus and foundation for professional careers in the private, nonprofit, and public sectors. Among these careers are international management and business, diplomacy and foreign  service, national security and intelligence, international law and policy, international non-profit organizations, international education management, and teaching. The program also prepares students for graduate study in a variety of professions, including international business and  management, law, teaching, and public affairs.

The members of the International Studies Faculty (ISF) encourage students majoring in International Studies to place significant emphasis on foreign language and the study of other cultures.  Many INST majors have a double major or a minor in a foreign language.  At a minimum, in order to satisfy the INST foreign language requirement, majors must complete the equivalent of three years of one university-level foreign language study, or two years each of two foreign languages unless the student is the native speaker of another language..

Student Groups

Sigma Iota Rho (International Studies Honorary Society)


ASH 241
Vickie Stone 


Writing in the Discipline

All students are required to take a writing in the discipline course within their major. For the INST major, JMC 2100 + JMC 2104 is recommended.


An interdisciplinary, team-taught course which introduces the student to the range of interdependent factors and forces that influence international affairs. The topical approach combines the expertise of numerous social humanistic disciplines in each class session. This course may be taken for honors credit.

Distribution: Social Science General Education course and Global Diversity General Education course


Topical and or general analysis of selected countries and regions offered in conjunction with possible study tours in those areas under investigation. Internships and/or study abroad experiences usually form the basis for the course. Can be repeated up to 12 hours. This course may be taken for honors credit.


This course examines a topic involving a wide range of international studies theories, methods, and fields to provide international studies majors a sense of how the elements of international studies fit together to form a coherent interdiscipline. A student may take the course more than once as topics will change each semester.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): ENGL 1160, junior or above