Theatre (THEA)

Theatre Graduate Courses

THEA 8446  DIRECTING II (3 credits)

A practicum in play selection, analysis, casting, rehearsing and performing.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate standing with an undergraduate major or minor in theatre or permission of the instructor.


Collaborative Design Studies explores the integration and process of theatrical production including scenery, lighting, costume, projection and sound. It chronicles their individual and collective impact on storytelling. While developing the skills of the Scenographer, students will work collaboratively as they foster their individual artistic design talents, and recognize the impact of design on society through storytelling.

Prerequisite(s): Graduate Standing or Permission of Instructor

THEA 8665  STAGE AND TV LIGHTING (3 credits)

Characteristics and control of light and color and their application to the theatre and television; elementary electricity; lens systems; reflectors; lamps; control systems; automation. (Cross-listed with THEA 3660).

Prerequisite(s): Graduate status or permission of instructor.


This service-learning course will combine both research and practice in theatre that involves social change. Students will study the history of such theatre, with special focus on developments in the 20th century. All research will be accompanied by several community-based projects whereby students will create theatre with specific populations (schools, community centers, health centers, senior homes, etc.).

Prerequisite(s): Graduate in theatre. Graduate outside theatre with sufficient background in theatre and sociology political science requires permission of the instructor.