Residency for Tuition Purposes

Regulations for Determination of Residency for Tuition Purposes

Residency requirements are subject to change by the Board of Regents and/or the Nebraska State Legislature.


Pursuant to Article VII, Section 10 of the Constitution of the State of Nebraska, and Neb. Rev. Stat., 85-501 and 85-502, the University has been authorized to develop regulations and make determinations regarding Nebraska residency for tuition purposes. These regulations provide the bases upon which university staff shall determine, on a uniform intercampus basis, whether an individual qualifies as a Nebraska resident for tuition purposes.

It should be emphasized that the statutes provide a set of minimum standards which will govern a determination of resident status for tuition purposes only. In some instances, it will be possible that an individual may qualify as a “resident” of Nebraska for one purpose (such as securing a Nebraska driver’s license) and still not meet the standards established by the Board of Regents for resident tuition status. Individuals seeking a Nebraska residency determination for tuition purposes should, therefore, carefully study all aspects of the law and these regulations before seeking resident tuition status.

Applying for Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes

The statutes of Nebraska provide that all state educational institutions shall charge nonresident tuition for each nonresident of Nebraska who matriculates at any state institution. Nonresident status is determined in accordance with these statutes and current institutional policies, and is based upon evidence provided in the application for admission and related documents. Additional written documents, affidavits, verification, or other evidence may be required as deemed necessary to establish the status of any applicant. The burden of establishing exemption from nonresident tuition is the responsibility of the student. Erroneous classification as a resident or willful evasion of nonresident tuition may result in disciplinary action as well as payment of required tuition for each semester attended.

Individuals seeking to establish resident status for tuition purposes will be required to have established a home in Nebraska for at least 12 months unless it is not required by the specific category listed on the residency application form. However, any individual who has moved to Nebraska primarily to enroll in a post-secondary institution in Nebraska will be considered a nonresident for tuition purposes for the duration of their attendance. Enrolling more than halftime for any term at a university, college, or community college in Nebraska during the 12 months immediately preceding the term or semester for which residence status is sought, will be considered as strong evidence that an individual moved to Nebraska primarily to enroll in a post-secondary institution in Nebraska. Students who have been classified as a nonresident and feel they qualify for resident status should review the "Application for Residence Classification for Tuition Purposes." A student should submit both the application and supporting documentation by the deadline noted within the application.

Nebraska State Income Tax Credit

Individuals who do not qualify for resident tuition status and/or reside outside of Nebraska but pay Nebraska income tax, and the spouses or dependents of such individuals, are entitled to tuition credit upon documented evidence of such payment to the State. The tuition credit granted shall equal up to the amount of Nebraska income tax paid for the immediately preceding calendar year except that the remaining obligation cannot be less than the amount of the resident tuition.

Applications for the Non-Resident Nebraska Income Tax Tuition Credit are available at UNO's Cashiering and Student Accounts Office, 109 Eppley Administration Building, 402.554.2324. Additionally, the form can be downloaded from the Cashiering and Student Accounts website. Specific qualifications and guidelines regarding the tax credit are provided on the applications.

Midwest Student Exchange Program

The University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) participates in the Midwest Student Exchange Program (MSEP), an interstate initiative established by the Midwestern Higher Education Compact to increase educational opportunities for students in its member states. This program serves residents from Indiana and Ohio

Graduate students: The MSEP program enables residents from these states to enroll at reduced tuition rates. Students may review eligibility requirements/guidelines and complete the MSEP Agreement Form.

Undergraduate students: Those who are academically qualified are awarded scholarships to help offset the costs of out-of-state tuition.  For more information visit the UNO Advantage Scholarship.

Omaha Urban Rate (OUR) Tuition

Effective Fall 2023, the University of Nebraska at Omaha (UNO) is offering high school graduates (undergraduate applicants) or current residents (graduate and undergraduate applicants) of 11 states the opportunity to attend UNO at significantly reduced tuition rates through an initiative called Omaha Urban Rate (OUR) Tuition. OUR Tuition states include: Colorado, Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, South Dakota, Wisconsin, and Wyoming.

Please visit the website for more information.

Contact Information

If you have questions regarding residency or residence regulations, contact the offices listed below:

Undergraduate Students
UNO Undergraduate Admissions
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111 Eppley Administration Building
Omaha, NE 68182
Phone: 402.554.2393

Graduate Students
UNO Office of Graduate Studies
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