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Typeface Design and Typography is foundational to the practice of graphic design and the Graphic Design Concentration sequence. This intensive studio course focuses on the skills, theory, history and practice of typeface design as well as the theory and practice of typography and layout.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): ART 1220 ART 3130

Mathematics, Bachelor of Arts

To obtain a B.A. with a major in Mathematics, a student must fulfill university, college, and departmental requirements. Minimum hour requirements follow:

Teacher Education

...each: TED 2100 , TED 2200 , TED 2300 or...of the endorsements below. Art (PK-12) Endorsement...

Mathematics, Bachelor of Science

...CIST 1400 and MATH 2200 . Additional Requirements Exit...Data science is the art and science of...

College of Engineering

...may enroll in, MECH 2200, MECH 3240, and...natural sciences and fine arts, and sensitivity to...

Economics, MS

...economics, or bachelor of arts in economics, and...Code Title Credits ECON 2200 PRINCIPLES OF ECONOMICS...