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AVN 3060  WRITING IN AVIATION (3 credits)

This course will further develop the communication skills of aviation students through various forms of writing. Students will compose a research paper and other writing assignments.

Prerequisite(s): ENGL 1160 and AVN 1000


provide an environment where students are supported and challenged as they develop the skills, knowledge, and experiences that prepare them for personally and professionally rewarding careers in aviation and transportation; conduct research that enhances the safety, security, efficiency, reliability, and sustainability of aviation and transportation services, and improves mobility and quality of life for the citizens of the State of Nebraska; engage the community through partnerships and other collaborative initiatives that improve the lives of the citizens of the State of Nebraska and others through innovative education, training, research, and service projects; and maintain the highest standards of integrity and transparency in the conduct of the Institute’s business and the management and stewardship of its resources.

Emergency Management and Disaster Science

...the discipline courses for emergency management are: AVN 3060 Writing in Aviation CRCJ 3100 Writing...