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BIOL 1750  BIOLOGY II (5 credits)

Second semester of a two semester series on the general principles of biology. Introduction to the study of life, concentrating on whole organisms and their interactions with the environment. This course will focus on evolution and natural selection, biodiversity, physiologic responses to the environment, organ systems, population dynamics, community ecology, and energy and material flow through ecosystems. Laboratory will provide inquiries into these same topics. Intended as the second course for Biology majors. Must enroll in one lab section. Usually offered Fall, Spring and Summer.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Prerequisite is BIOL 1450. College level chemistry is recommended.


The biology degree allows students to explore biological topics that span the breadth of biology. Diverse course offerings enable students to obtain broad expertise or to specialize within the discipline. The biology major prepares students for a wide range of career choices.

Molecular and Biomedical Biology

...complete BIOL 1450 AND BIOL 1750 , two courses from BIOL 2140 , BIOL 3020 and BIOL...


...students must complete BIOL 1450 and BIOL 1750 , both BIOL 2140 and BIOL 3020 and...

Neuroscience, Bachelor of Science

...or CHEM 1180 - CHEM 1184 , and BIOL 1450 & BIOL 1750 . 2 CHEM 1180 / CHEM 1184...