Molecular and Biomedical Biology

Students seeking biomedical careers can pursue specialized studies in cellular and molecular biology. Molecular and Biomedical Biology majors gain real-world experience in biomedical research during the required biotechnology internship. The Molecular and Biomedical Biology degree is an outstanding way to prepare for graduate programs in cellular and molecular biology, a career in the biotechnology industry or health professions.

Other Information

All coursework taken for the Molecular and Biomedical Biology major or minor must be completed with a grade of “C-“ or better.

Double Majors

For a double major in Biology and Molecular and Biomedical Biology, beyond: BIOL 1450, BIOL 1750, BIOL 2140 and BIOL 3020, no other biology courses may count for both majors.

Writing in the Discipline

All students are required to take a writing in the discipline course within their major. For the Molecular and Biomedical Biology major, the writing in the discipline requirement can be fulfilled by completing a sequence of approved biology courses at UNO that incorporate discipline specific writing as part of their requirements. To satisfy the requirement for the writing in the discipline course students must complete BIOL 1450 AND BIOL 1750, two courses from BIOL 2140, BIOL 3020 and BIOL 3340 and two additional 3000/4000 level courses that are approved as meeting the writing requirement by the Department of Biology. Only courses taken at UNO and after January 1, 2010 can be applied to this requirement. Students not meeting the writing requirement through this sequence of courses will fulfill the writing requirement by completing BIOL 3150 or another college-approved advanced writing course.

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