General Education Curriculum

University General Education Requirements

To ensure that each graduate of UNO possesses certain academic skills, experiences the breadth of a liberal education and develops an appreciation for the diversity that exists in the nation and world, the faculty have adopted University general education requirements. The requirements apply to all incoming first year and transfer students. Students enrolled in UNL-administered programs should contact their advisors to determine the applicable requirements.

Learn more about Institution-Wide General Education Agreements, Community College General Education Guides, and Program-Specific Transfer Agreements by Institution.

Choice of Catalog Policy

Students will be required to complete the General Education requirements outlined in the catalog year in which the student enters the University. The General Education requirements for those students who do not enroll for one consecutive academic year will be updated to the catalog year in which the student re-enrolls at the University.

The University General Education Curriculum consists of:

Some diversity courses may simultaneously count towards Humanities/Fine Arts and Social Science general education requirements. 

UNO has 5 Academic Focus Areas These help organize UNO's many different academic majors and general education courses into broadly related, interdisciplinary fields of study.  These can help you identify academic majors and general education courses most relevant to you given your specific strengths and interests.

**Students must earn a grade of C- or better for the course to count toward general education completion.

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