Interdisciplinary Studies

Solving the challenges of our increasingly complex world requires interdisciplinary thinking and interdisciplinary solutions.  Choosing to major in Interdisciplinary Studies will allow you an opportunity to specialize in a unique way according to the issues you are passionate about.

You can develop your own plan of study by integrating sets of core classes with courses in almost any area of study. Core coursework in the major explores diverse subjects that share a strong interdisciplinary theme. By emphasizing the importance of studying complex issues from multiple perspectives, these courses equip students with skills in critical thinking, interpretation, problem-solving, and objective analysis.

Graduation with an Interdisciplinary Studies major might lead to graduate school, law school, a career in a non-profit setting, or a career in the private sector.  The Interdisciplinary Studies major offers an innovative foundation for multiple opportunities beyond graduation. 

You may choose to pursue either a Bachelor of Science with a cognate requirement or a Bachelor of Arts with a foreign language requirement and one of three concentrations:

Exploratory Studies Concentration:  If you are a first-year student wishing to reflect on your options, to find the major that is the best fit, you may choose the Exploratory Studies Concentration.  You will engage in cross-curricular academic advising, career assessment, guided exploration of majors and careers, and programming.  You will have the opportunity to interact with advisors, faculty, upperclass students and professionals from different fields in order to discover your passions and make an informed decision on a major.  Exploratory Studies majors are required to switch to either the Integrative Studies or Individualized Studies concentrations, or change majors by the end of their third semester at UNO.

Integrative Studies Concentration:  This academic plan must include two minor programs of study chosen in consultation with faculty and staff advisors from any academic programs in the university to build content knowledge in specific areas of focus. 

Individualized Studies Concentration:  The academic plan must include a total of at least 18 credits of upper-division coursework from any academic programs in the university to build content knowledge in a specific area(s) of focus.

Double Majors

Students choosing either the Integrative or Individualized Studies Concentration may not pursue another UNO program that overlaps substantially with those concentrations. For questions about this, please consult with an Arts and Sciences Dean’s Office advisor.


Students choosing either the Integrative or Individualized Studies Concentration must complete INDS 1000 and INDS 4950 and at least 12 additional hours of major requirements at UNO.  Students choosing the Integrative Studies Concentration must complete at least 6 hours of coursework in each minor that fulfills the concentration requirements.

Writing in the Discipline

Students choosing either the Integrative or Individualized Studies Concentration should take a WID course that is relevant to the focus of their studies.  Students choosing the Integrative Studies concentration should take a WID course recommended for one of the disciplines in which they are minoring or one of the following: ENGL 3050, ENGL 3980, WRWS 3500, WRWS 3800.

Contact Information

College of Arts & Sciences Advising Office
ASH 240


An introductory study of the concepts and practices of interdisciplinary inquiry, writing, critical thinking and problem solving across disciplines and techniques for solving problems and writing from an interdisciplinary perspective. Each semester the course will focus on a different topic or problem for inquiry.

Prerequisite(s)/Corequisite(s): Not open to non-degree graduate students.

Distribution: Social Science General Education course