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The study of the structure and function of the systems of the body with an emphasis on the skeletal, muscular, cardiovascular and respiratory systems.

Distribution: Natural/Physical Sci General Education lecture&lab

Biomechanics, Bachelor of Science

NOTE: 14 hours from the professional core fulfilling the University General Education requirements include: eight hours in natural/physical sciences, three hours in mathematics ( MATH 1320 will supersede MATH 1220 ), and three hours in the social/behaviors sciences ( PSYC 1010 ). The 120 hour degree also assumes that students select coursework in humanities/fine arts area and the social/behavior sciences area that satisfy requirements for U.S. diversity and global diversity.

Biomechanics, MS

...1950 Calculus I BMCH 2400 Human Physiology & Anatomy I (or equivalent) BMCH 4630 Biomechanics (or...