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BMCH 4630  BIOMECHANICS (3 credits)

A study of the forces that act on a human body and the effects that they produce.

Prerequisite(s): BMCH 2400 [previously PE 2400] or PE 2880 or BIOL 2740 or equivalent, AND PHYS 1110 and PHYS 1154 OR MATH 1950 to be taken concurrently or completed previously with a grade of C- or better.

Biomechanics, MS

...1950 Calculus I BMCH 2400 Human Physiology & Anatomy I (or equivalent) BMCH 4630 Biomechanics (or...

Health and Kinesiology

...completion of KINS 4010 , KINS 4940 , and BMCH 4630 Minors Offered Human Performance Minor Public...