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Product, service, and process innovation are essential drivers of firm performance. However, firms face considerable and complex challenges when bringing innovative ideas to life. For example, what marketing research methods should we employ to uncover vital consumer insights? How do these insights influence the development and launch of new products and services? What differentiated value are we delivering to our consumers? How do we successfully bring this new product or service to market? How does a brand's purpose and personality influence consumers' perceptions, purchase decisions, adoption, and engagement? This course will cover key marketing principles involved in the development and launch of new and innovative products and services - from conception to commercialization. Furthermore, we will explore how new-age technologies impact each stage of the development and launch processes. (Cross-listed with MKT 3400).

Prerequisite(s): BSAD 8420 or equivalent; and admission to Graduate College, MBA Program or by permission of the instructor.